Buyers Guide: 2021 Best Office Chairs Under 200 With Reviews

When you spend a lot of time in the office, you will look for a chair which gives you the ultimate comfort. Nowadays we have to spend hours after hours on a desk while working in the office. If the chair is not comfortable to use, you can not concentrate on your works.

In this case, looking for a comfortable chair worth your price also. Sitting on the chair for a long time can lead to back pain. Numerous people get problems who work in offices. Its created for the cause of poor quality of the chair. Even you cannot spend hours sitting on a chair without comfort and support. A high-quality chair can be helpful for your health & comfort.

best office chairs under 200
A comfortable chair can remove the pain that can be created due to sitting for a long time. It can turn your workplace into a comfort zone. It will be comfortable, durable, easy to clean and roll smoothly. But most of the chairs are expensive which are good for a long time sitting. You can make it easier to work for a long if you choose a chair that can reduce your back pain. You need the best office chair within your budget to be more active at your workplace. If you find the best office chairs under 200, you will be astonished to know about the chairs with a lot of features.


Best Office Chairs Under 200 in 2021

1. Amazon Basics Big and Tall executive chair – Brown

Amazon Basics Big and Tall Executive Office chairSome people seek for the best office chairs under 200 that is designed in a unique professional style and for all users. All the standard office chairs are not comfortable for tall people all the time. The chair is perfect for who is tall like 6″2 or 6″3 and weights up to 350pounds. It can be easily installed. It lasts years after years and it’s very comfortable to sit. Its installation process is easy. Its a better chair for people who finds chairs that fits easily. The color is so attractive.

Amazon Basics Big and Tall executive chair provides the lumbar support adjustment. It offers adjustable settings. It gives support while sitting for a long period of time. It offers added support for your back. Even anyone can sit on the chair at any angle. Its adjustable setting gives extra support for your back. This chair allows you to set the chair at your preferred angle. Its adjustable setting helps you to keep your back supported so that you can align your body comfortably and supports up to 350 pounds.

There is a comfortable tilt with infinite locking adjustment to set the chair at your preferred angle. One of the greatest features of this chair – it allows you to easily raise and lower the seat. There is a pneumatic control handle for lowering or raising the seat. When you want to raise the seat, you have to pull up the pneumatic control handle. On the other hand, if you want to lower the chair, pull up on the handle sitting on the chair.

Amazon Basics Big and Tall executive chair swirls at 360 degrees. It allows for multitasking use. The durable casters help for smooth rolling. It is portable and can be moved from one room to another room at the time of a meeting. The chair’s upholstery helps for sitting comfortably. Its luxurious brown leather is quite smooth. Here are expresso black curved armrests for extra hand support.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Suitable for tall people
  • Lasts for years
  • Wide seat
Features That Disappoint US:
  • The leather can be cracked
  • Can not weight more than 250 lbs

2. Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair in black

Modway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair in blackModway articulate ergonomic mesh office chair in black is the most attractive one of the best office chairs under 200. The seat is comfortable for a working environment. The overall quality and comfort of the chair are great. It takes only 10 minutes to assemble. There is an Allen wrench here for assembly. The ergonomic function of the chair is great. The contoured seat is comfortable. The articulation of the chair is fantastic. This is literally the best desk chair. Its mostly used for office environments as its height adjustable. It swirls at 360 degrees and adjusts according to your office. You can adjust the seat rotation.

You can seat into the position you like and drop the levers to lock it there. The seat is 6″ thick mesh cushioned. The seat is adjustable for both your size and height. Its available in mesh cushioned or leather. The seat and back comfort is very satisfying. If you are a tall person, your feet sit flat on the floor at the lowest height setting. It can hold up to 351lbs and comes in an attractive color.

Its padded with 5 dual caster wheels articulate makes it easy to slide over carpets even on hand wood. Articulate also includes lock function for comfortably needed. The rollers in the chair don’t hurt the floor at all. If you are thinking to buy a floor protector for your hardwood floors, then you don’t need it now. This chair can make you comfortable for hours. If you have back problems, this chair is really helpful for you. Its comfortable quality is unbeatable.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Fully adjustable
  • Smooth roller
  • Breathable mesh
  • Sturdier base
Features That Disappoint US:
  • No proper usage guide
  • The back can slide down

3. Flash Furniture High-Back Black Mesh Executive Swirl Chair

Flash Furniture High-Back Black Mesh Executive Swirl Chair Office Chair Under 200This chair provides exceptional support for a hard-working professional in your environment. Its waterfall age design reliefs pressure. Its nylon base gives the latest appearance. Its mesh material makes easily air circulation to give you comfortable sitting. It allows better airflow and removes pressure from the leg. The armatures are adjustable. Easily can be moved up and down. You can lock it if you want to lean back. If you lean back, you can get back support. Its adjustable height is perfect for working positions. It allows you to adjust your seat according to your desired height.

The pneumatic adjustment is used to adjust the height. The center knob is used to adjust it up and down. The mesh back is durable and lasts long. It supports lower back and lumber. It is very breathable in this way. The leather is very comfortable. This chair has a 250-pound capacity. The chair can be spin around. Its comfortable motion is free-range. It is one of its great features. It swirls at 360 degrees. You can move into your office. It is great for taking a break from work for a while. The swirl is very easy and smooth too.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Breathable
  • Smooth roller
  • Simple to setup
  • Armrests swing up
Features That Disappoint US:
  • The wheels can be scuffed up
  • Not enough comfortable

4. Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video Game ChairIf you want more comfort at work or during gaming, then you should choose this chair. This chair is great for both relaxing and gaming. The materials are of good quality. It is more comfortable than you can imagine. It looks cool and better than the picture. If you decide to make a purchase, you will enjoy the chair. You will love how it can handle over 300 pounds. It is the best gaming as well as the best office chairs under 200. GT racing game chair is very comfortable while gaming time. It is easy to move around and comfortable to use. It comes with a very attractive look. The seat appearance is also good to see.

The ergonomic design offers great to use both for office works and gaming. It can weight up to 300 pounds and very easy to assemble. This chair comes with PU Leather skin which is skin-friendly. It ensures that allergic persons can use this chair also. This PU Leather also guarantee for durability. It can look like leather but does not feel like leather and does not smell like leather. It does not even breathe like leather as it’s actually plastic. The lumbar cushion is great to use. It has made the chair more comfortable to use. The seat height is adjustable.

It comes with great balance, good design, and a soft seat. The adjustable armrests allow you a comfortable sitting position. The armrests go up and down easily. It can rotate also and can move gently from one side to another side. The cushion is better than other chairs. The leather material is durable. It gives good back support. The wheels are so strong and roll easily. Wheels can move easily. The seat can recline back according to your comfort. It gives you the guarantee that it will not hurt your floor. The smooth rolling of the wheels don’t hurt the floor.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Breathable
  • Comfortable for long time gaming
  • Very good headrest pillow
  • Soft cushions
Features That Disappoint US:
  • Hard to assemble
  • Handlebars and screws can lose

5. Kadirya High back bonded leather executive office chair

Kadirya High back bonded leather executive office chairIt is a high-quality and best office chairs under 200 that the user can use it hours after hours. It is great to use and worth the price. You will like the chair as it’s designed is elegant. The seat has a waterfall design which improves circulation in your leg which helps to sit for a long time very comfortably. The seat is undoubtedly comfortable. It provides a lot of support for your arms.

The padding of the armesters is more comfortable. The lumbar support provides suitability for sitting. The leather is soft to touch and very well cushioned. Height adjustment on the right-hand lever works properly. Users can turn the lever up to adjust your posture. And can turn the lever down to Lock in place. Its armresters are completely adjustable which is totally fine because they can flip up. Its flip-up arms are designed for 90degree rotation. It provides support for the user’s arm and shoulder. And it has a maximum capacity of 250 lbs. Its multiple angle reclining lock function gives users maximum control.

The user can simply lock it in a place. Even they can lock it in a place when it’s in a back position. There is 3 position tilt lock. The reclining control gives the user control over every position. When the lock is released, the user can lean back. But the angle between the seat and backrest remains the same at all positions. When you lean back, the seat follows the backrest and the backrest doesn’t extend away from the seat. A gift for the user is attached to it. A pair of gloves is given as a gift to the user so that the user doesn’t get hurt on their hands or get them dirty.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Extremely soft leather
  • Lumbar support
  • Sturdy Frame material
  • Well-cushioned
Features That Disappoint US:
  • Difficult to assemble sometimes
  • Levels of Tilt seems flimsy

6. Homall Gaming Chair Racing Office High Back PU Leather Chair

Homall S-Racer Series Gaming Chair Executive Swivel Office Chair Ergonomic Racing Chair High Back Desk PU Leather Computer Chair Tilt E-Sports Chair with Headrest and Lumbar Support (Red)Homall S-Racer Series Gaming Chair is a nice chair with all accessories that a gamer wants but within budget as it is one of the best office chairs under 200. The color is much attractive and looks nice. Users can use the chair for gaming and will love the look because it comes with everything that you want. The chair looks better than the picture. The adjustable backrest comes with a 90-180 degree angle with safety. Its the most attractive feature. This backrest comes with a 360-degree swirl function.

If you adjust the knob below the seat, the chair can rock back and forth. It has vertical armrests. The armrests are padded. The pad feels pretty good. You can put your hands comfortably as it’s adjustable. The chair has a headrest pillow and lumbar cushion to provide extra comfort to the user. The lumber support comes with ergonomic design. The head pillow here can relax your whole body. So you can lie in the chair.

This chair gives support for your shoulder, head, and neck. You will not be bored after long hours of sitting. It comes with a maximum capacity of 350lbs. The chair can roll on the floor smoothly because it has rubber casters. It will not damage your floor. Its casters swirl at 360 degrees and you can move in any direction. It also features a rocking function as it can rock back and forth.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Enough sturdy
  • Cool looking
  • Reclines beautifully
  • Heavy duty
Features That Disappoint US:
  • Footrests are flimsy
  • Footresta are difficult to install

7. Boss office products B991 – CLICK Heavy Duty Double Plush Leather Duty Chair with 400lbs

Boss office products B991 - CLICK Heavy Duty Double Plush Leather Duty Chair with 400lbsThis office chair is best for persons around 350lbs. according to the price, it is one of the best office chairs under 200. This chair is strong enough. The chair sits higher than other chairs that you might have seen before. It is about 3″-4″ higher. It is noticeable while working at a standard 29″-30″ high desk. It fits better than other standard chairs. This heavy-duty and big chair provides support for all day long support for comfort. Its durable design makes everyday use easy. It is a very supportive chair with a lot of space for you. Its enough wide and strong with the 400lbs weight capacity.

The support back cushion is a padded seat cushion. The cushion of the seat is thick and dense. The pillow top portion gives comfort. The seat cushion does not slide. It is more stable. It’s padded with deed layers of double Plush padding. It’s helpful for superior and consistent sitting comfort for all day long. For hand support, here are black curved armrests that are padded by matching Leather Plus upholstery. You can weight your arms on the armrests.

This heavy-duty chair is curved contours. It can keep your body properly aligned and features an adjustable setting. It’s important for you as you can sit for a long time. It provides lumbar support for your back. Besides its ergonomic mechanism allows you to set the chair at your preferred angle. So this chair provides extra support for your spine better than other chairs.

Features That Surprise Us:
  • Supports your spine
  • Wide seat area
  • Strong plastic roller
Features That Disappoint US:
  • The leather feels sticky
  • Can be unfit for a long duration

Things To Consider Before Buy A office Chair Under 200

Things To Consider Before Buy A office Chair Under 200

Office chairs are best to give support for your back and shoulder. Besides, it gives support for working hours after hours. Most of the office chairs are really helpful to sit comfortably. To get extra comfort while working, you have to know about some specific features. Before you make the decision to buy a chair, make sure that the one you are going to buy becomes good for your health and comfort. Ergonomic chairs are nowadays becoming more popular for office works.

These chairs are better to provide back support on working hours daily. If you’re seeking for the best office chair under $200, then you can buy something good definitely. Within your money, you can get the chair that offers adjustable height, lumbar support including your entire body support. Look for a chair that has a high-quality seat, adjustable height rolls smoothly and reduces back pain. We have picked the best selling and best-reviewed office chairs.

But it is not possible at all that one particular chair will provide proper support for everyone. That’s why you have to choose the best one among all these highly rated models. If still you can not choose the best chair or you have any confusion, you can know about some basic information before you go to purchase.

Back support: The backrest is one of the essential functions of office chairs as it can give extra comfort while you are working in the office. Office chairs are designed in a way that will be comfortable for your back and neck. The backrest cushions are made to support your head and neck. The backrest cushion must be adjusted correctly. Most of the chair has backrest recline. Some of the ergonomic chairs offer your suitable position so you can lock the backrest in any position. Some high-end chairs offer forward tilt.

Seat height: The seat height of a chair is an important fact to consider in case of comfort.  The seat height must be adjustable. The seat height determines whether the chair is adjustable with your height or not. Height adjustable seats are good for taller people. Most of the modern office chair allows to raise the height of the chair or lower it. It is important because you have to remember that the chair must be comfortable for your knee and feet. If you can put your feet flat on the floor, the height of the chair is perfect for you.

Seat size and capacity: The weight capacity of the chair that you are going to buy is another important fact to consider. Choose the chair that is perfect for your size so that you can sit comfortably. Most of the office chairs can hold on up to 350lbs. So when you are buying the chair you should know it’s weight capacity. If your weight goes beyond the weight limit of the chair, the longevity of the chair can be decreased. Even gradually it can break down.

The breakdown of the chair is often if you buy a chair that exceeds the weight capacity. It will not only breakdown but also can be small for you and uncomfortable to use the seat size is important to consider for all users. The size of many chairs is perfect for comfortable use. The size of the chair plays an important role in providing comfort to your back, neck, and shoulder.

 Frequently Asked Questions [FAQs]

Q1. What is the maximum weight capacity of the chair?

Answer: Most of the chairs can weight up to 350lbs. As the chairs are sturdy, there is no need to be worried about the weight capacity. The chair can take your weight very nicely.

Q2. Can anyone remove the arms?

Answer: The arms of the chair are removable as it can be assembled without arms. In this case, the user has to remove 2 bolt from 2 arms. Users can leave the arms off. As the arms are adjustable they are removable also.

Q3. Can the chair be better for lumbar support?

Answer: Lumbar support is one of the key features that users look for while buying a chair. You need to adjust the back as the chair offers lumbar support.

Final word:

Different chairs for proper support and comfort are needed for office works. And It is not an easy task to choose the best office chairs under 200. Hope that you have got enough idea to determine the best office chairs under 200. When you go to purchase, read the buyers guide for a while so that the chair can fill up your needs. Also, know about the Features that surprise us and Features that disappoint us to know what other customer’s review.

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